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Technically not a sparklepet, but...

WARNING: weird furry shit beyond links - nothing NSFW but it's pretty damn weird. You've been warned.

Huh, this guy's durpsona looks like a shoyru.
Then you look at this profile. Interests: Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh!, BeyBlade, Neopets, Fairly OddParents, Inflations, Dragons, Digimon.

Oh. :'(

To make you believe in god again, here, have some freakish almost-Neopets.

Anyway, on another note: Sorry I haven't posted anything for some time - I'll be back to doing some regular posting in awhile, after I'm done getting ready for this big con. haha, I have three cons in two months AND full time college work. Go me :|
Alright guys. You all said it would be a good idea, so while this community will be mostly Neopets-oriented, OTHER pet sites with shit-tastic sparkles can be posted as well. The rules that apply to Neopets also apply to these sites - no taking the snark on-site, no snarking little ones (twelve and under) because they are young and will get backhanded by the horror that is life soon enough, no attacking the person themselves unless they are a major douche with a serious case of unwarrented self-importance, etc etc etc. (look ma, run-on sentence!) The only extra rule to this is that you post the name - Subeta, Chickensmoothie, Misticpets, etc - in the tags so that anyone who wants to backlog the snark can do so easily. You can also add any of the regular tags as well if you would like; I will go back and tag things as needed too, for great justice/mostly my own amusement.

Feel free to start making posts, from anyplace you like. I'm thinking one post for each site a week from a user is fine (so you could, say, snark Subeta and Neopets in two different posts in one week).
Anyone who contributes anything good will be added to the "accepted poster" list, so that you do not have to have your post queued and reviewed by me. If I see anyone abusing this (aka bunches of posts one after the other), I will remove them from the list and go back to reviewing their posts.

Rant Thursdays, Free-for-all Fridays and "HOLY SHIT LOOK AT MY PETS GUYS" Saturdays also apply to these sites as well now. Since we missed Thursday and Friday, let's have Look, PETS Saturday today. I am too lazy to make a new post, so here, let me share with you under the cut my two current favorite Neopets... Oh shit, lesbiansCollapse )

Feel free to post your pets in the comments, guys, and anything interesting about them. Why do you like them? What makes them awesome to you?


will stay open one more day.

Also, a point I have heard from others and think is worth talking about:
Should we include all pet site snarking, or just Neopets?

Oh Lord of Sparkles, Bless this Pet...

So I've been snooping around, looking at previews and current entries... Because I'm lazu and I haven't lifted a finger for my Bori yet. Poor Paskell D:

But I saw some of these and had to post.

i49.tinypic.com/2zduid0.png - Oh god. This isn't sparkly... But it's down right terrifying D: this person's art always scares me because the eyes are so intense ._.
upload.neopets.com/beauty/images/Magical_Powers15-2009-12-25.jpg - This one isn't to bad. But I love how the aisha's second ears are just tacked on, like a last minute thing.
upload.neopets.com/beauty/images/Vittaria-2009-12-25.jpg - Is it just me, or does she look kinda like a Corner girl?
upload.neopets.com/beauty/images/Yugillaneous-2009-12-25.jpg - A hissi with legs? Wouldn't that make it like any one ofthe numerous reptilian/Dragon like pets?
upload.neopets.com/beauty/images/Voltaar-2009-12-25.jpg - This one is just a mess. Not only does it not look like a skeith, but it's hard to tell where it starts, and where it ends.

And now for a Win picture: upload.neopets.com/beauty/images/Laasher-2009-12-25.gif This entry made me laugh so hard.

To people looking to be new members

Membership will be unmoderated for the next 24 hours. Feel free to make an introductory post involving info about yourself, your Neopets, and/or your art on this thread.

Lots of love,
~ Vicki


"Oh, dude. I feel so goth with my skull face, black lion mane, and NC Mall Gingerbread wings. I could totally take on the man. You know what I mean?THE MAN."
Hey, hey uhm... do.. do you need some help with your family situation? Should.. should I call Neopet Protection Services? Seriously, kid. Here's my number. Just.. call me when you're ready to get away from your crazy owner.
"I am evil. Muhahaha. Care to vote? and see clear image on petpage?" This looks NOTHING like a darigan draik. How did I know it was a darigan draik and not just a really sick orange draik? Go to their petpage for extra lulz.
 This looks NOTHING like a draik, or a hissi, or a Neopet. It doesn't even look like an Eastern Dragon, really. But it does seem to make you a Special Snowflake.
Okay kid, either you want to be a fairy techo or a draik. You can't have it both ways. :|

OH. MY. GOD. This has EVERYTHING an animu sparklepet should have. EVERYTHING. Bask in its glory! Bask, I say! For added, "wow, do you watch anything other than anime", visit the petpage. Special snowflake right here. Do have to give the artist props though, they can at least do non-sparkle stuff like forestry..

I ... what?
80s hair. Oh god.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO GO ON THE SHORT BUS, MOMMY :( Anime derp on the petpage
This would almost be cool if it wasn't a lupe. :|
Animu derp.
 If this were on DA, it would be torn apart on anti_sparkledog
Adding a neon color to black and white does not a good palette make. BONUS leopard spots and skull accessory!

"So, so guys, I had this GREAT idea for a Neopet.. you know that pretentious glasses guy in anime? Why not make that a dog, and add emo stripes to up the pretentiousness? We'll be in the scene in no time!"
It's a semi-realistic pirate wolf. WHAT COULD GO WRONG.
That is not an anthro, kids. That is some sort of... candy stealing... soul stealer. oh god the eyes

YEAAAAH IN B4 they're kids, how could you!!1