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We're in your Neopets, laughing at your fail

A community for snarking all things retarded on Neopets.

Sparklepet Snark - a Neopian Snark Community
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Snarking all things bad and sparkly on Neopets.
Once upon a time in the years of late 2000 - in an internet far far away - there were adult artists, roleplayers, and gamers who played Neopets. They slowly noticed a trend among younger Neopian artists to draw and characterize their Neopets in such a way that they eventually looked nothing like Neopets anymore. It was annoying, it was stupid, it was sophomoric, and yet on some level, it all was freakin' HILARIOUS and AWESOME. Seriously, rainbow colors on a Purple pet? Krawks that looked suspiciously like lupes? Draiks with ears and manes? Ipods on aishas? Artists that had suspicious amounts of draiks and unconverted pets? It all reeked BADLY of some elitist band they took no part in and they knew it. Some of the art and designs were so bad, so retarded, so annoying that they couldn't really couldn't be serious. But they were. And some of these more sane Neopians who knew better wanted to share that bad to their like-minded friends. But where?

Eventually some chick in a community that made fun of similar atrocities decided to take action and make a place to snark the inherit retardedness that was this growing trend. Thus, a legend was born: sparklepetsnark

Sparklepetsnark is an LJ community aimed at documenting and snarking the sparklepet trend on Neopets and any drama, wank, and weird that may come with it. It is done in the vein of most snark and drama communities on Livejournal.
We are also open on Free-for-all Fridays for weekly discussions about general Neopets fail, and sparkledog fail. Thursdays are the "official" days for on- and off-topic rants.
Membership is moderated (for now), mainly to keep trolls out. Posts are moderated (for now) to keep content on-topic. There are copious amounts of tags for members to use.

Rules are as follows, and are subject to change if the mods see it fit.
1. Do not take snarking off of this LJ community. Snarking users to their faces on Neopets will probably be considered harassment, and in general, is just asking for drama and a banhammer from TNT. Keep it here or don't say anything at all.
2. If you want to post caps of a board, neomail, or petpage fail, please keep it under an LJ cut. Any images, comparisons of real Neopets to their sparkle counterparts, or snark/rant posts longer than a paragraph should also be placed under cuts.
3. No snarking underage (twelve-year-olds or younger) users, whether their art be on Neopets or on Deviantart.
4. Weekly BC fail posts will be assigned and done in bulk by species. Unless you find something absolutely atrocious, DO NOT post a single BC entry and snark it.
5. No attacking, harassing, or trolling in or out of the LJ community. Any community drama will be squashed by mods then riffed on by Branwan and Dresreaux.
6. No one-pet posts unless it is snarking in-depth their design, petpage, and character.
7. No one-user posts unless it is snarking in-depth their Neopet designs, their characterizations, or their drama.
8. Making fun of stupidity is allowed. However, personal attacks on creators are a big no-no, unless it is relevant to snarking.
9. If you can help it, try not to be a hypocrite.
10. Snark posts with only captions and links are limited to once a week for each user. More in-depth snark posts, involving circumstances, caps, or drama, will be accepted as often as possible depending on the circumstances and posts.

Have a complaint? Issue it to nachtgrimm on Livejournal.
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