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Alright guys. You all said it would be a good idea, so while this community will be mostly Neopets-oriented, OTHER pet sites with shit-tastic sparkles can be posted as well. The rules that apply to Neopets also apply to these sites - no taking the snark on-site, no snarking little ones (twelve and under) because they are young and will get backhanded by the horror that is life soon enough, no attacking the person themselves unless they are a major douche with a serious case of unwarrented self-importance, etc etc etc. (look ma, run-on sentence!) The only extra rule to this is that you post the name - Subeta, Chickensmoothie, Misticpets, etc - in the tags so that anyone who wants to backlog the snark can do so easily. You can also add any of the regular tags as well if you would like; I will go back and tag things as needed too, for great justice/mostly my own amusement.

Feel free to start making posts, from anyplace you like. I'm thinking one post for each site a week from a user is fine (so you could, say, snark Subeta and Neopets in two different posts in one week).
Anyone who contributes anything good will be added to the "accepted poster" list, so that you do not have to have your post queued and reviewed by me. If I see anyone abusing this (aka bunches of posts one after the other), I will remove them from the list and go back to reviewing their posts.

Rant Thursdays, Free-for-all Fridays and "HOLY SHIT LOOK AT MY PETS GUYS" Saturdays also apply to these sites as well now. Since we missed Thursday and Friday, let's have Look, PETS Saturday today. I am too lazy to make a new post, so here, let me share with you under the cut my two current favorite Neopets...

Branwan and Dresreaux. (pretend Branwan, on the left, is a spotted lupe.)
They are the anti-sparkle team of hate, made specifically as a testament that you can have a lupe and a draik and have them be original and interesting, while still looking like a Neopet. They are anthros of the murry purry kind.
Branwan is an anti-social hate monger who, while lacking most social graces that help keep society polite, is extremely intelligent and insightful. She grew up in Happy Valley, and as an adult moved to Terror Mountain, where she now manages a clothing store.
Dresreaux is a much more socially acceptable jerk, being a lot nicer and shitloads more understanding towards most than her lupe counterpart and partner-in-crime. However Dres is the more violent of the duo, doing the pair's "dirty work" and in general keeping her friend's honor intact. (Whether her friends had any honor to begin with is another thing entirely.) Dres grew up in Happy Valley next door to Branwan, and moved about two years ago to Neovia.
Branwan and Dres grew up childhood friends, and while they are not together anymore physically, they still keep in touch via Neomail and the occasional bloody, tooth-filled package. Branwan has taken this separation especially hard, due to the fact that she's got a huge-ass crush on her best friend and has since childhood.

So yes, these are my pets of the week. Hope they aren't too poorly written for your tastes.

Feel free to post your pets in the comments, guys, and anything interesting about them. Why do you like them? What makes them awesome to you?


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Jan. 2nd, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
My current favorite pet?
Devlynn the {I wish was brown} green Uni.
Yes, while he may not be super special, he doesn't care. You see. Devlynn does not Approve. Of anything really. He gets mistaken for a girl all the time, because of his name sounding girly, and the fact that he has pigtails. Yes, this shaggy haired clydesdale fellow is pretty blunt. He hates his roommate Ernesteina, and is doing his best to trade there Werebeast for something that DOESN'T eat his Atari. As far as Uni's go, he's pretty bland. Brown with a bit of white on his face, and legs that fad to a paler brown. He has an itty bitty horn that sticks out of his massive fluff of hair, and small vestigial wings that get in the way of putting on his Tshirts.
Devlynn does not approve of Sparkles.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 10:20 pm (UTC)
My favorite is my Ghost Shoyru, Ghostly_Tragedy, who I just call Eddy. He died a long time ago and kind of lost his mind. He likes to bother people who can see him.

And on Misticpets... I have like 15 pets and I love them all equally sigh.

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Jan. 14th, 2010 02:14 am (UTC)
oh my god vick oh my god IS THAT YOU

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